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you would think that i’d be blogging like a crazy person last few months, just blog posts all up on your face. blog posts about the dress and the cake and tulle and sequins and doves for the wedding because THATS SOOO PAULINE SHE WOULD TOTES BLOG ABOUT ALL THAT STUFF.

but i havent for three main reasons:
– my blog has been undergoing some pretty intense spring cleaning, due to the million spambots that infested it
– i havent had time
– i cant seem to allocate enough emotional and mental energy to go into the nanoscopic detail of all the things youre meant to as a ‘bride to be’.

the lack of scrutiny i have for my own wedding is probably the only thing that’s stressing me out.

anyway, thought i’d check in. it seems my blog is close to being fixed so i’ll be back with something a little more exciting than this blog post.


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