i go you go, my dear.

when two people make a vow to each other,
on wet grass and on soft hay and with rain that form round beads
on our hair and the shoulders of suit jackets and on the tips of our noses –
that is important, my dear.

when your tears mix with the rain on your eyelashes
and your hair starts sticking out of your head, and your toes curl into themselves
that is incredibly important, you see?
because you will never see again the way she looked at him whilst she said important words
and the way he squeezed her hand real tight,
and we all disappeared, like a needle to balloon –
blop! pop! pop!
and it was just him and it was just her,
on that beautiful, drizzling hill.

when someone asks how you are, and deep within your belly
you hear a little sigh stir deep in the wool-blanket of happiness,
allow yourself to lean in and feel honesty gurgle in your throat.
if your friend is good, and if she is wise,
she’ll see the small bubbles of truth float out of your mouth
and bounce softly across the ceiling, twinkling against the fairy-lights.
she will look up, and squint, and read them all,
and she will nod, and understand.

its ok to fall for things, you see.
inanimate objects set them up, love sets them up,
too much punch sets them up.
its ok to run around in the rain with someone you’ve just met,
do headstands, absolutely no questions have coffee right here, right at this very minute.
be angry when you’re hungry, sigh loudly inappropriately,
feel a heavy peace during loss.
sing, i say,
and dance, for goodness sake,
like absolutely everyone you know is watching.

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