the feels.

just stop for a second.
stand there, and breathe in all the things
that make you feel in this life.

a good, thunderous laugh
a hidden, suffocating cry
or when both are fused together and your heart is in your mouth
and your mouth is in your heart.

choosing that one human being
to be your person, or standing very still
while someone revolves around the makeup of you.

the relief that washes over you,
or exhaled through your pores, after letting go
of something or someone or some older version of yourself.

tuck these close into the deep corners of your pockets,
the crevices of your spine, the folds behind your knees,
so that you may always stand tall in the belief

that no matter how you wake up tomorrow,
or that noone would ever know –
some sort of magic is a-flicker and breathing

in what’s here, and in what’s now
and in what’s deep inside of you.

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